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Bachelor's Degree Aerospace Engineering
First Year - I Semester
Mathematical analysis I   9 Italian
Geometry and Algebra   6 Italian
Industrial technical drawing   6 Italian
English language   3 English
First Year - II Semester
Mathematical analysis II   9 Italian
Chemistry   6 Italian
Elements of Computer Science   6 Italian
General Physics I   9 Italian
SecondYear - I Semester
Mathematical Physics   6 Italian
Aerodynamics   9 Italian
Second Year - II Semester
Aerospace structures   9 Italian
Second Year - Annual
Gas dynamics Termo fluyd dynamics (1st semester) 6 Italian
Gas dynamics (2nd semester)  6 Italian
Aerospace system Aerospace system I (1st semester) 6 Italian
 Aerospace system II (2nd semester) 6 Italian
Flight mechanics Performance (1st semester) 6 Italian
 Stability manoeuvres (2nd semester) 6 Italian
Third Year - Annual
Electromagnetism and electrical engineering General physics I (1st semester) 6 Italian
Electrical engineering (2nd semester) 6 Italian
Third Year - I Semester
Aerospace materials technologies   6 Italian
Numerical methods in aerospace engineering   6 Italian
Aerospace construction   9 Italian
Third Year - II Semester
Aerospace propulsion   9 Italian
Probability and statistics   6 Italian
Final test   3 Italian/English
Third Year - I and II Semester
Autonomous choice courses*   12 Italian/English
Traineeship   3 Italian


(*) Autonomous choice suggested Courses (12 Credits)
I Semester
Aerospace structures complements 6 Italian
Structures calculus laboratory 6 Italian
Aeronautics regulations 6 Italian
On-Board-System Laboratory 6 Italian
II Semester
Special technologies II 6 Italian
Aircraft maintenance 6 Italian
Structures experiments 6 Italian

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